Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, kinda funday

Went to lunch with Cindy today and then home to paint my nails, entered a makeup giveaway from NoellaBeautyWorks, which can be entered here. They are offering 7 eyeshadows of your choice, cool right? Yes, I know :) mine and Brent's 4 year anniversary is coming up on April 22nd, not doing anything special besides dinner and a movie though, due to lack of monies haha. Most likely going to officially celebrate in May or June by going on a camping trip, we haven't been camping in forever. I still haven't heard anything back from State Farm about the job I interviewed for, but it's been just a little over a week, so maybe I just need to practice patience. Also still waiting for my massage technician's permit to be approved so I can start massaging again if State Farm doesn't work out. Not wanting to go to work tomorrow, hopefully the day goes by really fast, with minimal customer rudeness.

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