Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love my new job!

Well, I love my job haha. I have my own cubicle, which consists of my computer, phone, desks (yes, plural!), chair... Some people might not understand the thrill of having a cubicle, they might actually be repulsed at the idea, but it actually excites me. I guess I shouldn't say excites, however I truly enjoy it. I like structure in my world and I like having a place where I can put up photos of family & friends & of course, my darling pets :]

On my first day of work, (Monday May 2nd, 2011), my former boss sent me a text message around 1pm to let me know that he fired that cook (Sylvester) bahahaha! His reasoning for firing him was because the guy "pissed him off", his words, not mine. The one day that my boss works with this guy and he fires him, I was practically jumping for joy. Now, this probably sounds terrible, I mean, I'm celebrating the fact that a man lost his job, but he deserved it 100%. If you don't show up on time, are rude to coworkers, and are constantly smoking while you're supposed to be working, chances are, you're gonna get fired. It was all just a matter of time really. So anyways, I basically said to my boss "I told you so", and he said that he should have let me fire him the first time I had problems with him, and I agreed.

Last night I watched last week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, I can't believe they killed off Jenna, I have to admit I got all choked up and had a lump in my throat, I honestly thought that this would have been a bit of skull duggery and that she wasn't really dead, but she is. I really liked her character. Now, Damon has a bite from a werewolf, to which there is no cure. They CANNOT kill Damon, I would throw a fit, Damon is 75% of the reason why I even watch the show, he is just so damn sexy, so he just can't die. And of course, the next episode is the season finale, his living or dying is going to end on a cliff-hanger I'm sure. I hope that they find a way to keep him alive, either find a cure or maybe he won't die because he got bitten while Tyler was still in transition or something.

Pretty Little Liars is coming back on June 14th! I've missed watching it, especially the fashion show the girls put on every episode. Aria and Spencer always wear my favorite looks. And True Blood is coming back soon too, a ton of my favorite shows are coming back this summer.

Maybe going camping with Brent in late May or early June, then I'm going to Minnesota for Labor Day weekend to visit my grandparents! It's been nearly 5 years since I've seen them, they just had their 55th wedding anniversary about 2 weeks ago, needless to say, I'm super excited to see them. Well, goodnight!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another fantastic giveaway.

This giveaway is hosted by The Raven and the Rose since she just recently reached 50 followers. You can enter the giveaway here. She's got some really awesome prizes and it's super easy to enter!

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