Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Bunny Giveaway, it's amazing!!

Yes, you get everything there!! You can enter it here. There's over $100 worth of prizes, including one of my personal faves- Too Faced Lip Injection gloss. Go and enter now!

The end of one chapter, and the beginning of the next 8]

Friday is my last day as a self-proclaimed quebie. Let's recap on last week... Sylvester (the new cook) decided that we were going to go back to elementary school by stating that I, and I quote, "pick on him". He went on and on about how I'm mean to him and I never say anything else to the other guys and that I only point out the things he does wrong. If you know me, you'll know this isn't true. All of the guys at my work will tell you that I won't hesitate to point anything out. So, I try to explain to him that I, unfortunately, do not go out of my way just to pick on him, and explained that I'm only trying to help him and I'm only telling him things that OUR boss would say to him and that he wouldn't have said things as nicely as I have. To which he replies that I am going to hate my new job because my new co/workers will treat me the same way I treat him, he can't wait until I leave, God sees what I'm doing and karma is going to get me. Then he tells me to stop being such a bitch. At this point, I leave the kitchen and go outside to cool down and fight the urge to slap him. When I re-enter the kitchen I tell him, don't you EVER call me that again, and he just says "Well, you are one". So, I text my boss, (who also happens to be a close family friend) and I tell him the situation. Number one here, this guy is the new guy, I've been working there longer than anyone else and you just can't go around talking like that to anyone. My boss told me to fire him, but I explained that I didn't want to do that since one of our other cooks was going on vacation soon and we didn't have time to train anyone else. End story, my boss calls him and basically says "Don't you ever talk to her like that again, and she's in charge". He apologized the next day, but I was just too late. He just can't handle being told what to do by a woman, let alone a woman half his age. After working with him another week and still receiving a nasty attitude, I talked to my boss this afternoon when he came into the restaurant and told him that after our main cook comes back from his vacation, he should look for someone to replace the new guy, he's just not working out, and it's not just the attitude that gets me, it's the whole not following orders, not cleaning things properly, smoking too close to the restaurant and being rude to our other co/workers. I'm the momma bear at the Q, and no one is rude to my boys, no one.

Onto other things... last Friday was mine and Brent's 4 year anniversary, we decided to stay in, instead of going out to dinner so we could save some money. So, we cooked dinner together, grilled salmon, caesar salad and some delicious rolls, followed by some Futurama and me falling asleep on the couch with Willy, his miniature dachshund <3. Saturday, I went to Moonstone Beach in Cambria with my mom, sister, Fifi, my great aunt, aunt, uncle and their 2 kids. We had so much fun, the weather was amazing, and I loved spending time with my family, minus my dad and brother. My aunt and uncle had brought their two chihuahuas with them, we all hate the younger one sine she is so mean. So, after a little pushing from me, we left those rats at home while our little Fifi got to go hahaha. We got home way too late to go to Dewar's, which is the locally famous ice cream joint here in Bakersfield, so we tried to go Sunday morning, but alas, they were closed for Easter :( my cousins were so disappointed, it's their favorite part about trips to good ol' Bako. I've received tons of congratulations on my new job this weekend, my whole family is super excited about it.

My boss is giving me my last paycheck a week early so I can do some shopping for new work clothes. He said he's going to miss me. Finally finished paying off my speeding ticket today, glad to have that no longer hanging over my head. Think I might go off to grab some grub, I'm le hungry.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I get a call this morning from State Farm, they want me to interview for another job, this time in the claims service department, we set it up for Wednesday at 3:30. Around 3:45 I get another call from State Farm from one of the heads of HR. He tells me that unfortunately, I was not selected for their underwriting service assistant job which I had previously interviewed for, however... they wanted to offer me a position as underwriting service support! I, of course, immediately accepted and we cancelled my interview for Wednesday. I got there around 4:30 to fill out a form for my background check, and then drove downtown to do my drug test. As long as everything comes through okay, I've got the job and can start on May 2nd! I'm beyond happy, and while I'll miss some of my regulars at the rib shack, I can't wait to start the next chapter in my life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, kinda funday

Went to lunch with Cindy today and then home to paint my nails, entered a makeup giveaway from NoellaBeautyWorks, which can be entered here. They are offering 7 eyeshadows of your choice, cool right? Yes, I know :) mine and Brent's 4 year anniversary is coming up on April 22nd, not doing anything special besides dinner and a movie though, due to lack of monies haha. Most likely going to officially celebrate in May or June by going on a camping trip, we haven't been camping in forever. I still haven't heard anything back from State Farm about the job I interviewed for, but it's been just a little over a week, so maybe I just need to practice patience. Also still waiting for my massage technician's permit to be approved so I can start massaging again if State Farm doesn't work out. Not wanting to go to work tomorrow, hopefully the day goes by really fast, with minimal customer rudeness.